/ˌvivəˈsekSH(ə)n /

the action of cutting into or dissecting a living body.
ruthlessly sharp, succinct and detailed criticism or analysis.

“Surgical dissection of a living animal,” from Latin vivus “alive” (see vivid + ending from dissection).

Synonyms: analyze, examine, showcase, study, scrutinize, pore over, investigate

VIVISXN is an alternative news and culture portal. We also run an in-house branding and advisory service. We are a maverick media platform for the cyber age, fiercely focused on bringing you bleeding-edge reporting, intelligence, and viral content across a variety subject areas—art, fashion, food, globalization, tech, music, etc. Our platform powers the social distribution of content, digs up and dishes out what is trending on the interweb (including the deep web), and connects people in real time with the coolest, most compelling content out there. We champion innovators, iconoclasts and avant-gardians, defining the zeitgeist with frontline editors, influencers and content creators. Our aim is to reveal emerging trends, subterranean stories, and interesting scoops in a rapidly changing, fascinating and fucked up world. We’re obsessed with radical fashion, ravishing beauty, youth culture, current events, independent thinking and all things digital. We have offices in New York, London, LA and Shanghai, and a growing worldwide editorial staff. Hit us up if you’d like to submit a story, offer constructive feedback or talk branding solutions. Don’t contact us if you’re going to be rude or ridiculous.
The Comprehensive Alternative News Source for all things Now...WOW

A fresh worldview

VIVISXN’s vision of the world, style and values are different from other platforms. We are cosmo, we stress the links between global and local, the underground, the avant-garde and the mainstream; we are savvy, sassy, nuanced and non-conformist. We are fundamentally fresh. If it is relevant we find it – and do it well.

Our audience is avant-garde, streetwise and hyper-informed

With brevity, brains, clarity and street smarts, we distill what’s relevant around the globe and appeal to creatives, marketing pros and news junkies who want to stay engaged and engage others. Our originality of insight, topical range, techno nous and unique perspective differentiate us from the other players. That’s why millions of millennials are clicking, including the world’s most frontline tastemakers, trend forecasters, marketing gurus and international affairs aficionados.

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