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Daniel Arsham at Perrotin Gallery

Daniel Arsham at Perrotin Gallery

Daniel Arsham’s ‘Circa 2345’ at the Perrotin Gallery


This is the first New York solo show for multidisciplinary artist Daniel Arsham. Known for his mesmerizing monochromatic works, Arsham delivers beautiful bursts of color for the first time at his “Circa 2345” show at Gallerie Perrotin. The intrepid art whiz drew inspiration from a pair of EnChroma glasses (below), which revealed thousands of new hues to the colorblind maverick. Implementing fictional archaeological “artifacts” from a bygone era — cameras, basketballs, hubcaps, molded jackets and other everyday objects — into alchemical, colorful and awe-inspiring installations, Daniel casts a wide net around themes of human fragility, existential angst and the nature of space-time. Check out the images below and be sure to pop by “Circa 2345” at the Gallerie Perrotin.

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Images via Gallerie Perrotin