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Killer Eats in K-Town

Killer Eats in K-Town

Quarters Korean BBQ. Yum!


Quarters Korean BBQ is like a rollicking rave for meat-eaters. Between the sizzling, spicy beef cheeks and collar, blazing techno beats from Steve Aoki or Skrillex washing over you like a sonic cascade, and cutesy, dolled up Korean waitresses zipping around the room at breakneck speed, it’s impossible not to fall for the allure of K-Town’s most delish kitchen. The swanky restaurant, an offshoot of Kang Ho-Dong Baekjeong, arrived in LA’s Korea Town in 2015. Its mission: to explode your taste buds and satiate your stomach with the tastiest Korean cuisine. The restaurant is nestled in K-Town’s charming Chapman Plaza and has an open view of the kitchen, stainless-steel vents, concrete floors, and thick wooden tables that lend it a contemporary and clean flare. Upon arrival you can soak up the rising tide of craft beers (they serve Ballast Point — the world’s best beer!) or custom cocktails (‘QuartersRitas’ is the bar’s signature) while you wait for a table (there’s always a wait!). Once seated, the food is impossibly scrumptious: there are crisp, marinated green onions, zesty radish soup served chilled, and the requisite kimchee in abundance. And that’s just for starters. What truly separates Quarters Korean BBQ, though, is the superior quality of the meat and the way it’s all handled both before and after it hits the grill. Thinly sliced brisket is expertly prepped by servers before overcooking, and you’ll be (gently) coaxed to eat it as soon as it’s ready. The selection is compelling, too: along with the usual offerings of marinated short rib, brisket, and pork belly, there’s beef tongue, pork jowl, and marinated pork collar. While enjoying the grub, get a glimpse around the room of LA’s coolest K-poppers, celebs and modish meatheads getting their carnivorous fix on.


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