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Kristen Stewart is a dreamboat

Kristen Stewart is a dreamboat

Kristen Stewart is our fave femme fatale, auteur and now author of a paper on Artificial Intelligence.

The avant-garde actress just debuted her new film at Sundance and co-wrote a brainy research piece on AI.

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Kristen Stewart is VIVISXN’s favorite ingénue and the prettiest polymath we know. Starring in films like Still Alice, American UltraPersonal Shopper, Certain Women, etc., she slays cult cinema like a samurai slices through sushi. Last week she killed it at Sundance with her artsy, algo-laced short film, Come Swim — a poetic, visceral and meditational flick that resembles an animated painting and utilizes some snazzy tech tricks.

Besides being a sassy cult starlet and starring in Chanel ads and Rolling Stones vids, Kristen recently released a paper on artificial intelligence (AI). Yep, the brainy actress co-wrote a case study on the topic of ‘neural style transfer’ — a teched out method used in the short film she just showcased at Sundance. ‘Neural style transfer’ is used to implement awesome fluid overlays — basically, layering images over other images, in the same fashion/cinematic style of Terrence Malick.

Her recent flick brilliantly utilized this technique in the opening and closing scenes to add a painterly and ethereal effect to the footage. The paper describes the short film as “a poetic, impressionistic portrait of a heartbroken man underwater…grounded in a painting of a man rousing from sleep”, which “evokes the thoughts an individual has in the first moments of waking.” The film incorporates a finely-tuned algorithm to generate the dream-like effects and juxtapositions (courtesy of K-Stew, Adobe and producer David Shapiro). We’re impressed! Check out the working paper at Cornell University’s online scientific research repository here.

Images Kristen Stewart + Come Swim

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