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New Doc – ‘Black Black Metal’

New Doc – ‘Black Black Metal’

Check out South Africa’s stirring, subversive punk scene in the heart of Soweto


Black Black Metal is a new doc about Soweto’s microscopic punk and metal scene. Embedded in the ugly underbelly of the city’s shanty towns and slums, Soweto’s exotic headbangers possess an outsider, anti-authority mindset that speaks to disenfranchised youth, sonic belligerence, artistic aggression and anti-establishment everything. This short film, directed by Wim Steytler, follows the skaters, stage divers and mosh pit maniacs who rep a rare breed indeed  “the rarest fuckin’ genre ever in South Africa capturing the inspirations and vocations of SA’s new wavers and niche punk players. Grungy and gritty like the music it celebrates, these disruptors are driven by DIY proclivities, artistic spunk and a killer stage chemistry that will leave you shell-shocked and stoked. The film features interviews with the bands, cool footage of shows, and perspectives from the fans and followers. “Misfits. Beatles. Led Zeppelin. The Ramones. Black Sabbath, Black Flag,” says one interviewee when asked about music inspirations. He even claims to listen to Nazi thrash bands. “Imagine!…We are using our talents to send new messages as to how we feel. Pay attention to what the young people are doing. Listen, and look. That’s how you see the condition of where we are and where we’re going.” This doc rules!