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Die Antwoord’s Zef Zol and Mount Ninji

Die Antwoord’s Zef Zol and Mount Ninji

Die Antwoord launches a cannabis line called ‘ZEF ZOL’!

Rap-rave renegades Die Antwoord are pros at propagating viral vids, memes, performance art and rambunctious music. They are South Africa’s finest at implementing audio-visual kapows, insane aesthetics and surreal, in-your-face schtick. The MCs know that they can be ironic and sincere at the same time, and they are making art and commerce from this Zef state of mind. That’s why we are sooo stoked for the release of Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid, Die Antwoord’s 4th album (coming on September 16!), which includes soothing soundtracks “Banana Brain”, “Bum Bum” and “We Have Candy.” But guess what else? The enterprising musicians will also debut their own range of cannabis confections, which features mouth spray, hot chocolate mix, lip balm, blunt wraps, vape refills and bonbons. Branded ‘Zef Zol’, the THC-tinged treats and merch will be made in partnership with Natural Cannabis, the largest legal dealer of medicinal cannabis products in Northern Cali, in an effort to tap into the $120 billion per year alt weed market. “I think da future ain’t gonna be just smokin weed. It’s gonna to be all da other things, too. So there’s a huge, mad fokken boom in alternative forms of ingestion and peripherals. Dats why Zef Zol is gonna be in da fokken game too,” Ninja told VIVISXN. “We also developing: -ZEF ZOL LIP BALM (takes 9 minutes to kick) -ZEF ZOL CHOCOLATES -ZEF ZOL RAINBOW CANDY (my fave) -ZEF ZOL MOUTH SPRAY (1 spray kicks like 1 hit) plus many other exciting ZZ products including GOLDEN ZEF ZOL BLUNT RAPS that are made of pure gold those golden babiez r a little on da expensive side but…you deserve it! coz you earned it! ? all our other ZEF ZOL products are nice and affordable and soon available at a weed shop near you! (if u live in california, nevada, colorado, oregon and a few other US states that i forgot about coz…i’m fuckin stoned?). Yep, Die Antwoord most def have candy.

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VIVISXN MEDIA | Die Antwoord are launching their own cannabis line, ZEF ZOL!

Die Antwoord are launching their own cannabis line, ZEF ZOL!