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– a versatile strategic solution that transforms businesses through content-driven strategies, guided by real-time analytics and client insights, and amplified through best practice branding, editorials, advertorials, digital marketing and social networking. 

We excel at:

– Global brand development specializing in creative strategies that engage audiences and catalyze business performance

– Global, national and specialist advertising

– Specialist Communications – A comprehensive range of specialist services, from custom media and multicultural marketing to events, fashion, youth and entertainment marketing; corporate and business-to-business; media, technology, art and production services

– Direct, Promotion & Relationship Marketing – The full range of general and specialist customer, client, channel, direct, field, retail, promotional and point-of-sale services

– Media planning, formatting, specialist sponsorship and branded entertainment services

– Harnessing digital marketing to transform business effectiveness

– Devising and implementing novel growth models

– Generating customer insights through qualitative research

– Providing in-depth client insights

– Discovering insights by analyzing multiple data sources

– Trend forecasting + Predictive analytics

VIVISXN MEDIA has over 3 million monthly unique views, social media likes and shares. The site is experiencing parabolic ARPU growth with 10 million Instagram and Twitter followers, total visits of 40 million, a Country Rank of #402, and powerful yet simple display advertising reaching 6 million viewers. VIVISXN is the NOWEST digital media property with a kickass consulting arm around native ads, viral content and effective conversions. We monetize EVERYTHING! Hit us up! Google Analytics, AdClick, Yoast SEO, SEMrush, KW Finder, proprietary programming etc. all built on Blockchain and Neural Networks supported by Machine Learning, Keras, TensorFlow 2, Python, R Studio, Cuda, Kaggle, BERT, GPT-2, D3.JS, Flutter, Dart, RUST, Hashgraph and Blockchain - VIVISXN has an Alexa Top Sites Ranking of 790 - We sniff out and whip up the BEST stuff ever! Duh. Google AdSense - VIVISXN Viral Branding - Our platform monetizes millions of clicks and makes content mad viral!

VIVISXN MEDIA – Art + Fashion + Tech + Music + Pop Culture + 深度学习 + AI + Machine Learning