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Hood by Air

Hood by Air

Shayne Oliver is HBA’s head-honcho pushing pomo déconstruction to the max

Shayne Oliver is the bad boy whippersnapper behind NYC-based Hood By Air (HBA). He combines diverse genres, materials and social networks to produce striking fashion, stirring imagery and amped-up androgyny. Dominated by recurring motifs like identity politics, gender and pop-culture, HBA’s primal, tribal aesthetic is a shifting matrix of meaning: a fusion of experimental textiles, autoerotic performance art, dance and freaky, frenetic subversion. His rollicking ranges reek of transgression with references to seditious streetwear, grunge, goth, dark-handed couture and trans everything. Aggressiveness, élan, sensuality and the reclamation of identity are key themes in Shayne’s oeuvre, through which he ingeniously constructs an interface between the ‘post-gender’ discourse and pomo theories of fashion. Mixing eclecticism, pastiche, sexual interpretations, BDSM, ‘post-unisex’, fetishism and even ‘trans-humanist’ themes, Shayne ardently deconstructs the fashion system with a razor sharp wit. It’s little surprise that Rihanna, Drake, Andreja Pejic, Ciara, Kendrick Lamar, boychild and Kanye West are amongst HBA’s biggest patrons.
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What is the HBA philosophy?

To resurrect ‘a new classic’ in modern fashion and to embrace all ages, races, genders, genres, tribes and misfits.

What is your overall design objective?

I’m always trying to figure out how to translate something into a distorted version of itself, and blur the lines of what it actually is. That applies to menswear, womenswear, gender, art, identity, accessories, music, etc.

How do you define the street?

‘The street’ means new concepts and novel motifs that have not yet crystalized in to society-wide institutions. Fashion- and art-wise, that means mashing-up dissimilar, incongruent things into an aesthetic hash, and pioneering new modes and mindsets.

What’s your creative process like?

I conceive of and design the bulk of it, but I do take creative input from my crew and we have a true team orientation when it comes to the fashion and production. It’s really a collaborative affair orchestrated by the HBA family: we’ve all taken HBA under our wing and made it a collective project that we all can expand upon, evolve with and grow.

What’s the most interesting thing about fashion, in your view, and how do you characterize your fundamental aesthetic?

Fashion? It’s like fetishizing the things we put on and do all the time: clothing, accessories, attitude, etc. The aesthetic basically comes from me being a queen around a bunch of downtown skater boys, ravers, DJs, cultists, creatives and freaks.

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