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Jeanette Hayes’ digi juxtapositions

Jeanette Hayes’ digi juxtapositions

Jeanette Hayes’ art is all newness, nowness and nextness

With different techniques from graphic design, gnarly GIFs, painting and hybrid styles, blonde stunner Jeanette Hayes opens up windows onto a universe in which narratives of the internet, identity and information are at once pummeled, pulled apart and re-imagined. Her work is affected through the blatant straddling of the aesthetic, social and ‘mainstream media’, in the collision of the real with the ideal, freaky fantasy and virtual reality. Jeanette’s cheeky deployment of bitmapped files, meme themes, hentai figures, Photoshop mash-ups and all things Pop pushes techno-art beyond its limits in lovely and luring ways, forging an authentic style and slyly synced with the zeitgeist. She’s developed a killer quantum touch that is at once here, there and everywhere, situated between hyper-real imagery, darkwave, fun fashion and eye-popping pixilation. Jeanette has pioneered a new paintbrush and digital process for our times; her graphic fields and CAD propositions are smart, savvy, sexed-up and funny. We love the way she mines weird informational terrains and memetic culture (like her sexy cybernetic specters or her impeccably improv’d methexis-like selfies complete with guns, Æon Flux, Pokeman and Sailor Moon montages). She’s a cunning curator, anthropologist and archivist all rolled up into one carefully quaffed bangin’-blonde artiste. We’re straight up smitten!

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♥ Jeanette Hayes!